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Submission Guidelines

Our goal with the Calendar is to promote all events in and immediately around College Park. We hope it becomes a focal point for the community that enables residents to see what events are happening in and around our neighborhood. If your event is happening within College Park, we'd love to list it in our Calendar.

Here are the criteria to submit an event:

  • The event must be in or immediately near College Park, or directly benefit or affect College Park or an institution in College Park (such as a public school).
  • The event must be open to the public (though it need not be free).
  • The event should not be primarily for the commercial benefit a single individual, or single for-profit, business.

If you would like your event listed on our site, you simply need to send the following information to

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Start and End Times
  • Event Location
  • Event Description

Note: We reserve the right to not include any events that we deem are not in keeping with our bylaws.

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