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Membership Account FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ has been setup to provide you with answers to common questions about your membership account, and managing it online.

What are the benefits of online account management?

By logging in, you can:

  • Manage your information – update your information to make sure that we have your proper contact information.
  • Pay online – You can pay your annual membership dues online. This can be a great time saver.
  • Choose whether to share your information - You can decide whether to have your name appear in our membership directory to make it easy for other members to contact you.
  • Choose whether to receive emails – You can decide whether to receive emails that we send out to members.
    • You can opt in to direct emails, that we use to distribute our newsletter and for the occasional “emergency” notice.
    • You can also choose whether to receive event reminders for items on our Calendar. 
  • Comment on News – If you have anything to say about a particular news item, you can add your comments to it.
  • Participate in Discussions – The site has a discussion forum that you can use to communicate with members. You can use the forums to ask people about the best pizza in town, talk about changes to Edgewater Drive, or discuss traffic calming questions—anything you'd like—but you must be logged in to do so.


I am an active member, but signed up manually—how can I log on?

If you provided us with your email address simply use the Forgot Password feature to reset your password.


I am a member (or was in the past) but I had not provided you with my email account—can I log on?

Unfortunately, no you can’t log on. We need an email account associated to your membership record. It serves as your user ID. Please contact our Membership Chair, to have your email account added to your record.

He can supply you with a temporary password which you can change after you log on. Alternatively once you have had your email added to your account, use the Forgot Password feature at the bottom left of the page to reset your password.


How do I renew online?

While we have had many many successful renewals online, a few people have had problems so I wanted to make sure the steps were clear.

  1. Sign On.
    If you have never done this before, just use the email address this was sent to and the Forgot Password feature to reset your password and log on. If you need help, feel free to send an email to and we can generate a temporary password for you.
  2. Click the View Profile link.
    This was the step that was not clearly spelled out anywhere. The link is right under your name after you have logged on.
  3. Click the Renew button.
    While in your profile you can update your address, subscriptions and even upload a photo of yourself.
  4. Follow the steps to renew.
    You can pay with credit card via pay pal or send us a check.

How do I check my current account status?

Well, if your online account is setup, you can just log on and click the View Profile link under your name. If your status says Active, you may be all paid up for the moment or you may be under a grace period. It's also important to check when your next renewal is due.

What’s a membership level?

Membership level is the type of membership you have. We really only have one type of membership, and this is being a member, but to accommodate all of the variations, we have 4 membership levels in our system:

  • Member (Business) $150
  • Member (Business with auto-renew) $150
  • Member (Family) $25
  • Member (Family with auto-renew) $25
  • Member (Senior Citizen) $15
  • Member (Senior Citizen with auto-renew) $15

All membership levels are for the full year from your join date. Regardless of which membership level you choose, all of the features and services we provide are the same.


What is an auto-renew membership level?

Auto-renew membership levels are the same as the standard membership level of the same name. If you choose an auto-renew membership level, each year when dues come due we automatically charge your account.


How do I switch my membership level?

Perhaps you signed up for a standard membership and want it to automatically renew, or perhaps we added you as a regular member and you want to be moved to a senior citizen membership. To change your memebrship level:

  1. Log in.
  2. Upon successful login, you will see a View Profile link.
  3. Click this link to view your profile (i.e. membership record).
  4. The top section of this form lists key membership information - Membership level, status, date joined and renewal date and provides you with the functionality to change your membership level or renew.


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