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We try to keep you up to date on everything happening within College Park. You can view:

  • News Feed - All the news we can find from College Park. We try to release at least one article a week, and with our RSS feed of articles, you can even subscribe to our news.

  • Newsletters - Made up of articles from our News section, the newsletters collects some of the most important news into a printable form.

If you want to feel more connected to the organization, be sure to check out our latest monthly reports. You can view the reports by visiting their pages:
  • Meeting Minutes - Catch up on the "going's on" at the last meeting by viewing the meeting minutes. The minutes are always chock full of good information and are a mini-newsletter of their own.
  • Budget Reports - Want to see where your membership fees are going and the fiscal side of what we do for our community? Check out last month's budget report.
  • Web Reports - See how many members we have, find out how many people subscribe to our RSS feeds, and discover how many people visit our web site and how it is used, all in our latest web report.

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