The City of Orlando Resources

Click the image above to be redirected to the City of Orlando's website.  You will find many online resources the city has to offer residents.

Report a Problem:

Report Graffiti

Do you need to report graffiti in public spaces?

Report a Problem Tree

Do you need the City of Orlando to trim a tree in the public right-of-way?

Report Missed Garbage Pick-Up

Was your trash, recycling or yard waste not collected? 

Report Code Enforcement Violation

Do you need to report an eye sore?

Report a Traffic Safety Issue

Is there a traffic safety issue in College Park

Report a Pothole

Do you need to report a pothole or road issue?

Report a Broken Sidewalk

Is your sidewalk damaged?

Report Nuisance Parking

Are you having parking problems in front of your home or business?

Report Speeding in College Park

Are people frequently speeding on your residential street?

Report Something Broken in a Park

Do you want to report something broken, damaged or vandalized in a city park?

Report a Broken Meter

Have you found a parking meter that isn't working properly?

Report a Broken or Missing Traffic Sign

Is there a street or traffic sign missing or broken in our neighborhood?

Report an Incorrectly Parked Dockless Bike

Did you find a dockless bike parked incorrectly?



The College Park Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization. Our civic activities are funded by grants, donations and membership contributions. 

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